The farm Torre Antica is located in the hill surrounding Florence, and has been carefully renovated in recentyears.

This wine is the first significant result of the youngest grape vines in Torre Antica. The grapes which are used are from the same vineyard and have been carefully selected, processed and matured in small oakbarrels.

The Cabernet Sauvignon LeonNero has a deep ruby red color, its character is a taste of berries and spices. In the mouth it spreads out a taste of wild berries, raspberries and blueberries with a sweet and soft vanilla aroma. In the finish it leaves behind an aroma of cherry jam, licorice and mint with balanced tannins that come to full expression.


It is particularly well suited to ripened sausages, hard cheese and game meats. It is also an excellent companion to accompany meat dishes, sauces and stews.


This wine is at its very best in its second year. Properly stored, the wine is best kept in a dark place at a constant temperature.


Serve in wine glass at 18 20 degree.

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